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At Hype Hounds Kennel Club, we take our partnerships and affiliates very seriously. We do our absolute best to interview, research, and filter out affiliates that don't align with our views to ensure that every single link we share, is an organization we know and trust.

The easiest way to airdrop and a trusted partner/affiliate with the  HHKC. Their service is the easiest, most  cost effective, and the  most streamlined web3 tool we have ever used. Just connect your wallet, select NFTs, select wallets, airdrop!


Working on your own NFT collection, you need to try out This was the cleanest and simplest process to help go from idea to block-chain execution.

🙈 Create an NFT collection in minutes.
💡 No-code smart contract deployments.
💎 Customizable, fun minting pages.

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