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Foster Stories: Jessica and Shara

By: Hype Hounds Kennel Club and Jessica Lyle

What is does fostering a dog involve?

When you foster, you agree to take a homeless dog into your home and give him or her love, care and attention, either for a predetermined period of time or until the dog is adopted.

Who is Rangers Reach

Ranger’s Reach is a passionate group of people whose goal is to protect and take care of animals through education, advocacy, resources, rescue/adoption, and community outreach.

Raising awareness and being involved in our community to promote good pet ownership through spay/neuter programs to end the suffering and overpopulation of unwanted animals, and to help keep animals out of the shelter and in homes. 

Shara, the legendary

From Jessica Lyle and family, the story of Shara the legendary.

Rescue pup known as Shara, now known as Mozzie. Fostered from  Rangers Reach in Texas
Rescue pup known as Shara, now known as Mozzie. Fostered from Rangers Reach in Texas

This foster was our first foster through rangers reach, they named her Shara Fryer, of course we didn't want to call her that so I asked my 3 year old what we should name her, she said "airplane" so we compromised and called her Amelia for Amelia Earhart. My daughter for fell for her fast and called her "my Melia". Amelia came from a momma dog named Mystique.

They were found at a house where the mom was so malnourished all her energy went to keeping her puppies alive. Mystique spent multiple days in the hospital trying to survive her extreme malnourishment.

We had Amelia for about 2 months and honestly almost adopted her. She ended up going to an amazing family up on the Canadian border and I get updates all the time. They named her Mozzie, and I love getting all my Mozzie updates. They even sent my daughter a stuffed dog that looks like her to thank her for taking such good care of her. Her mom I believe either was just adopted or is still pending adoption.

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