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Leonardo DiCaprio Dove Into Icy Waters To Save Two Of His Rescue Dogs

by Molly Weinfurter, with POV by Hype Hounds Kennel Club

Not all heroes wear capes

In a recent segment from Entertainment Weekly‘s “Around the Table,” actor Leonardo DiCaprio proved that he’s not only a hero in films but also in real life. While filming Don’t Look Up in and around Boston, DiCaprio brought two of his dogs on set for the day. The two rescue Huskies are full of constant energy, so it wasn’t long before they got into trouble.

The two that DiCaprio brought on set, Jack and Jill, were adopted in 2020 after fostering them. Since the pups are used to living in Southern California, they’d never witnessed a frozen lake before. They got a little too curious and fell in.

According to DiCaprio and co-star Jennifer Lawrence, the Huskies fell into icy water and almost drowned. But DiCaprio refused to let his furry friends suffer. Without hesitation, he faced the frigid temperatures to save their lives.

After some struggling and determination, DiCaprio got both of his dogs to safety. They had no reported illnesses following the event, although they were probably a bit chilly like their dad. Yet, the extreme temperature was worth it to save his furry friends’ lives. Even though it was a serious situation, DiCaprio and Lawrence tried to keep it lighthearted in an interview later that same day.

The hero all dogs need

Our take on this heroic act, DiCaprio embodies the love and the value of life that all dogs deserve. Big shoutout to Leonardo DiCaprio now known to us as the “The Wolf Saver of Wall Street”

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